The Pioneer of Pipeline Rehab
Setting A New Idea Afloat

It is 1933. An innovative idea is borne out of the depths of the Great Depression. Albert G. Perkins is about to launch a test demonstrating a concept that he has developed for rehabilitating water mains by lining them in place with cement mortar.

Like most of history's great ideas, his concept is ingeniously simple: extend the life of deteriorating pipes by applying and troweling cement mortar to the interior walls without removing the piping. To this end, Mr. Perkins developed a lining machine that would travel through piping, centrifugally casting a special sand/cement mortar mixture against the cleaned pipe walls.

The first underground test of his machine is conducted in a 72-inch diameter steel pipe in Jersey City, New Jersey. The corrosion products on the pipe walls are removed, the pipe is cleaned, and the lining machine is sent through.

The results: capacity which had been lost to hydraulic friction is regained. The clear water that enters the pipeline remains clear throughout. A history of over 50 years of use has shown no depreciation of these results.

The Perkins Process Is Still The Standard

The experiment in New Jersey was the start of the basic technology that would be used to restore industrial, private, and municipal raw and potable water systems worldwide. The patented "Perkins Process" was on its way.

The development of this innovative process led to the launching of Mainlining Service, Inc., a family-owned businesss which offers customers solid experience in centrifugal mortar lining systems.

Although others have adopted our process upon the expiration of patents, Mainlining has remained the innovative industry leader, refining the approach and developing products that continue to set the standards in pipeline rehabilitation.

Our time-tested pipeline rehabs are found throughout North America, South America and Europe, with customers ranging in size from small private water companies to large municipalities, federal governments and industry.

The professional staff of Mainlining can help determine the most effective plan to restore a water distribution system. Our designers and engineers have a wide range of experience in efficiently adopting this innovative concept to virtually any type of situation, in compliance with the most recent AWWA specifications and with minimal disruption of service.

For those who wish to apply their own manpower to the task of pipe rehabilitation, Mainlining's specialized equipment is available for local use under a convenient lease plan.

Mainlining also has in-depth expertise in temporary services, video inspections, and highway culvert repair.

Call Mainlining and see how we can get your pipeline back on the mainline of carrying capacity.

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