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Go With The Flow of Savings Via Pipe Rehabilitation Vs. Total Replacement

Mainlining's "Perkins Process" provides a trenchless method of in-place cleaning and cement mortar lining that permanently restores full hydraulic a fraction of the cost of total pipe replacement. It prevents further interior tuberculation and corrosion while blocking leakage through holes in pipe walls and joints.

Pipe Cleaning & Lining

The installation of our cured cement mortar lining forms a continuous arch ring as it becomes a self-supporting element of your pipeline system.

The Perkins Process At Work

Here's what's included in the process.

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Pipe Cleaning Only

Mainlining can return your hydraulic carrying capacity to 100 percent with a thorough cleaning. Be advised that this represents a temporary solution.

Engineering And Design

The Mainlining team includes a range of highly qualified engineers and designers capable of successful problem solving in virtually any situation.


The extent of your project depends on several factors. Low Hazen Williams "C" testing will help determine the scope of the problem being experienced.

We Go With The Flow Of Your Needs

Mainlining services are available on a turnkey or contract basis, tailored to specific needs.

If You're At Low Flow, Pipe Up!

Call us about your piping problems. We'll put our decades of pioneering innovation to work for you...

Mainlining Customers

Most businesses are known by the company they keep.

The Pioneer of Pipeline Rehab

It is 1933. An innovative idea is borne out of the depths of the Great Depression. Albert G. Perkins is about to launch a test demonstrating a concept that he has developed for rehabilitating water mains by lining them in place with cement mortar.

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