Corrosion and buildup are some of the most common problems plaguing the aging water infrastructure cross the nation. These problems result in leakages, poor water flow, and greater pumping expenses. This form of trenches rehabilitation involves the application of a cement-based lining within an existing pipeline system. Cement mortar lining provides a barrier within metal pipes to reduce and limit tuberculation buildup, a rust-like corrosion. Mainlining America, on average, cement mortar lines approximately 75,000 linear feet of water mains per year.

Minimum Disturbances —Rather than having to deal with the logistical nightmare of digging up and replacing pipes, CML solutions allow you to leave existing pipes in place.
Savings —With Mainlining, clients get the performance of a brand new pipeline at a fraction of the cost of a full pipe replacement. Operational costs are also lower because of the lasting interior protection applied to these pipes.
Reliability—The high pH within the mixture acts as a barrier for the pipe and helps reduce its vulnerability to future corrosion.