Polymeric lining consists of Epoxy, Poly-Urea and Polyurethane linings that are forms of geopolymers gaining rapid use within the trenchless rehabilitation field. Both resins act as alternatives to Portland cement spray rehabilitation, like CML, and are sprayed into an existing pipe to provide a stronger internal lining. Polymeric linings use a two-part chemical mixture that cures rapidly to form a smooth lining on the interior of the host pipe. While lining pipes, the lining machine is controlled by a computer to ensure even application in thicknesses ranging from 1mm up to (and beyond) 6mm.

Strength—These substances have a higher strength than traditional cement lining, and therefore cannot only increase flow but add structural strength the water mains being lined.
Chemical Composition —The Polymeric lining can withstand corrosion for longer periods than cement lining. In certain instances where CML will create lasting pH issues, polymeric linings can be a perfect solution as they are inert.